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PhD Civil Engineer, MSc

Dr. Anna Karatzetzou

Dr. Anna Karatzetzou, PhD Civil Engineer, MSc on Earthquake Engineering and Seismic Design of Structures, MSc in Environmental Disasters and Crisis Management Strategies, Research Scientist. Dr. Anna Karatzetzou has a long research experience (11 years) in topics relevant to the tasks dealt in the proposal. She has also significantly contributed in the preparation and submission of previous research proposals, the organization of meetings and workshops, the communication with partners and project officers as well as in the preparation of periodic reports and deliverables in the frame of previous relevant research projects. She has actively participated in 17 European and National research projects in the field of earthquake engineering. During the last four years, has been a University Fellow in the University of Western Macedonia, Greece, in the University of Thessaly, Greece, affiliate scientific staff in Hellenic Open University, a University Fellow in the Department of Civil Engineer, AUTh and a Postdoc Researcher of State Scholarships Foundation (IKY). She supervised or provided assistance on the supervision of the theses of more than 25 postgraduate students. Dr Karatzetzou has a strong publication track record (more than 65 publications) in highly reputed scientific journals, book chapters and conferences, with more than 170 citations.


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